Change is a specific event or occurrence. Transitions are mental and psychological adjustments that people routinely experience when changes happen. In the workplace, changes may not proceed smoothly because people often struggle with or resist changes because the transitions are not communicated and managed effectively.

Explore and practice techniques and strategies that can help people accept and move towards supporting workplace change, including understanding:

  • three stages of transition - the Ending, the Neutral Zone and the New Beginning
  • different stages individuals go through when dealing with a change at work
  • techniques for helping people manage change with minimal disruption
  • the different styles of Change Intelligence (CQ) that help leaders lead change effectively

This training is based on the book Managing Transitions - Making the Most of Change by William Bridges. Copies are available in the HR Cafe Collection in Frost Library.

Presenter      Stephen Butler

Date Time Location
Thursday, September 19
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Alumni House

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