Two-Part Series
A great meeting is a meeting that:
  • people look forward to attending
  • people feel is a valuable use of their time
  • people participate in actively
  • engages the creativity and problem-solving skills of the meeting's participants
  • accomplishes its goals and stays on track
  • participants are clear what the decisions are made and who is responsible for taking action

People spend a lot of time in meetings. Most research finds that the majority of people believe the meetings they attend are unproductive, if not a waste of time. What can you do to improve the quality and effectiveness of your meetings?

First, learn the key components that can make a meeting efficient and productive, and then practice planning a meeting that includes these core elements. Second, learn and practice how to notice and respond to dynamics and behaviors that may cause disruptions while developing techniques for maintaining focus on the meeting's goals and objectives. By using these techniques, meeting leaders can help people in the meeting understand what is expected of them and create an environment that encourages participation, creativity and productivity.

This interactive session is intended for anyone who leads meetings. This session is also helpful for meeting participants who want to learn how to influence and improve the current dynamics in their meetings. These sessions offer practical ideas and useful techniques to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your meetings.

Participants will have an opportunity in advance to submit a list of common problems they experience in meetings to help create the agenda for the discussion.

Session 1 - Plan a Great Meeting 
  • identify and clarify a clear purpose for the meeting
  • understand what type of meeting you intend to have
  • create a clear and workable agenda
  • manage time effectively
  • prepare the space to support the meeting's objectives
Session 2 - Lead and Facilitate a Great Meeting 
  • establish meeting norms that support the purpose of the meeting and encourage positive interactions
  • create shared accountability to ensure the meeting satisfies the needs of the attendees
  • learn and practice techniques to respond to inappropriate behaviors and actions
  • monitor and evaluate your meetings to keep them successful over extended periods of time
  • understand your presence and how it influences the meeting

This two-part program is designed as an integrated curriculum. Participants are encouraged to attend both of the sessions.

Wednesday, September 25
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Alumni House
Wednesday, October 9 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Alumni House
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