This interactive presentation is open to all staff and faculty who have attended “Understanding Bias 1.0” and “Understanding Bias 2.0,” and will explore cognitive and behavioral science research on the nature of contemporary bias. You can also enroll in The Science of Stereotyping and Implict Bias workshop on the morning of the 9th and then be able to attend this workshop.

While research tells us is that contemporary bias is often unconscious, this doesn't make its implications for organizational climate or the individuals within that environment any less real. 

The science also demonstrates that we are not hopelessly at the mercy of the power of expectation and bias. By distinguishing between stereotyping and various forms of discrimination (including distinct forms of micro-aggressive behavior), focus on developing concrete strategies to both identify and self-correct bias as well as discuss implications for learning and development, specifically the manager’s role in interrupting bias in day-to-day operations.

Presenters   Keith Maddox, Associate Professor of Psychology, Tufts University

Sam Sommers, Professor of Psychology, Tufts University

Monday, April 9
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Greenway A Event Space

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