Workplace Learning and Development at UMASS Amherst offers a broad range of trainings, and some are open to Five College participants. You can review their current courses at this link:

To sort the trainings open to Five College participation, please click For (small link to the right of the Open Workshops grid) and it will sort the workshops by who may attend.  Workshops for UMass Faculty, Staff, and the Public will show be at the top of the list when the triangle is pointing up.

Non-UMASS participants cannot register on-line.  Amherst employees will have to call, use registration forms in the brochure, or contact Stephen Butler for a registration form.

A list of all the "open" trainings is included in the attachment below that you can download, read and print.

  • Registration:  413-545-1787

  • Mailing Address:  WLD, UMASS - 140 Hicks Way, 303 Goodell, Amherst, MA  01003