Workplace Fundamentals is a collection of professional development trainings and classes intended for staff at Amherst College. The focus of this program is to build and enhance skills that will allow staff to:

  • feel more comfortable and confident in their jobs
  • improve their ability to communicate effectively – verbally and in writing
  • allow them to feel more independent and self-reliant
  • learn and master a range of skills that will assist them in their personal growth, both professionally and personally
Components of the Workplace Fundamentals Curriculum

The program will offer skill development in the following areas:

  • English Competency Course (ECC)
    speaking and pronunciation, listening and understanding, expanding vocabulary and appropriate word choice

  • Effective Writing Skills
    creating concise and organized written materials including emails and documents, editing and proofreading to ensure accuracy and understanding

  • Computer Skills
    how to use a computer to access the internet to keeping your computer and personal information safe and secure, software instruction from beginner to advanced skills

  • Finances and Math Skills
    creating budgets, managing expenses and invoices, balancing checkbook/ledger

Additional training can be offered on complementary topics:

  • resumes and job applications
  • applications (college, citizenship, etc.)
  • certifications

The classes and trainings will adjust to the current skills of the learners. Both group learning and individual work will be integral parts of the program. If the learners identify other skills they want to learn, the program will attempt to find resources and opportunities to meet those needs.

Workplace Fundamentals Logistics

Classes and trainings will be held during business hours so that staff can attend during their normal work schedule. The college will pay for the instructors and trainers. There will be no cost to the participants in the program.

Program Benefits / ROI

This program will enhance the college in several ways:

  • to foster a greater sense of inclusion and belonging among the staff
  • to build skills and increase the competencies of college staff
  • as professional development training, to support internal candidates to pursue their career goals and apply for available openings on campus
  • as a recruiting and marketing tool when trying to attract prospective new employees