Human Resources

Extended Family Leave

Employees are eligible for extended family leave after one consecutive year of employment. Extended family leave provides for four weeks at 100% pay in a rolling calendar year, after a two-week waiting period.

Extended family leave may be used within the first 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child or for the serious illness of a family member when the employee is the primary caregiver. The employee must be needed to provide care for more than 10 consecutive workdays. "Family member" includes spouse/domestic partner, child, parent or other family member for whom the employee is the primary caregiver.

When the College also employs the employee's spouse or partner, combined leave under this policy will not exceed 4 weeks for any one reason. If the two-week wait has been met for any one reason, the second partner does not need to serve it.  Extended family leave runs concurrently with FMLA Leave, if applicable.