Human Resources

Vacancies, Transfers and Promotions


Vacancies are announced in appropriate publications. An employee interested in an available position at the College should contact the Office of Human Resources for more information about the position and an evaluation of his or her qualifications. After this discussion, if the employee wishes to be considered formally for the position, the Office of Human Resources will refer the application for consideration. When and if serious consideration is being given the employee, the employee should notify his or her current supervisor of the possibility of a transfer.


A lateral transfer is a move to another position within the same salary grade. This transfer may be temporary or permanent and does not carry a salary adjustment.

A temporary transfer to a higher graded position for a specified period of time will carry an appropriate adjustment to be determined by the department head and the Director of Human Resources. An employee who is temporarily transferred for the first time to a higher graded position for more than five days will receive an increment in salary effective the sixth working day. The higher rate will prevail immediately for subsequent temporary transfers to the same position. An employee transferred permanently to a lower rated position will be paid at a rate mutually agreed upon by the department head and the Director of Human Resources.


A promotion occurs when an employee moves to a position with greater or substantially different responsibilities, which has a higher grade level and a new title.

A salary increase will be effected to at least the minimum of the new grade. Additional salary adjustment is subject to the approval of the department head and the Director of Human Resources, and will be made in consideration of their salary within the range and internal salary equity within the grade. No salary adjustment will be made if placement in grade is beyond the maximum of the new grade. There will be three month and six month performance reviews for newly promoted employees.

In cases of transfer and/or promotion of two or more employees who are of equal ability, as determined by the department head and the Director of Human Resources, seniority of the employee shall govern except when one of the employees is in the department in which the vacancy exists. In such cases, given equal abilities, preference will be given to the employee who is currently in the department. Since positions may require specialized training and experience, nothing herein will prevent the College from filling any vacancy by hire, by transfer, or by any other means.