Human Resources

Weekly Work Schedules

Regular Full-Time Schedule

Most clerical/secretarial, administrative and technical positions have a regular schedule of at least 35 hours per week. However, some positions in these categories require schedules up to 40 hours per week. Physical Plant and Dining Services have a regular schedule of 40 hours per week. Full-time employees who work a minimum of 32 hours per week are eligible for full employer contributions for health and dental insurance.  Other benefits such as Grant-In-Aid and Educational Assistance are prorated based on the scheduled hours worked relative to a full-time schedule for the applicable position.  Compensation-related benefits are based on the eligible compensation received as defined by respective benefit plan.  Academic year employees accrue paid leave on a prorated basis.

Regular Part-Time Schedule

Employees in this category work regular schedules of at least 20 hours but less than 32 hours in a work week and are entitled to most benefits on a prorated basis.

Employees working less than 20 hours a week or less than 39 weeks a year, or who hold casual positions, are not eligible for benefits.