Human Resources

Grant-In-Aid Program

Dependent children of all regular full and part time employees with five years of service are eligible for the Grant-In-Aid Program.

Grant recipients must be legal dependents as defined by federal or state income tax purposes and must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates in an accredited four year college or university, an accredited two-year college, or program of training at an accredited institution that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation (i.e. vocational technical school, culinary school, etc.). Grants are made annually for a maximum of four academic years or eight academic semesters, or the equivalent, and are limited to a grant of $8,000 per year per child or the tuition of the institution attended, whichever is lower. The benefit for an regular part-time employee is prorated. If the College employs both parents, only one grant shall apply. Board, room and other special fees are not covered by this grant. Employees should be aware that the college the dependent is attending might consider this grant in calculating financial awards.

Applications, along with a copy of current tuition charges, should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources not later than August 1 for the full academic year. Payments are made directly to the institution attended in two equal installments on or about August 15 and December 15. Payment for the second semester will be made after submission of that semester's bill.

Children of eligible employees who retire or die while employed will continue to receive the grant if the eligible dependent is currently enrolled at an accredited college or university at the time of death or retirement of the parent. Employees who otherwise separate from the College prior to the start of the semester will not be eligible to participate in the Grant-in-Aid Program. Employees who otherwise separate from the College during the semester will be responsible for refunding to the College a prorated share of the value of the Grant-In-Aid payment as determined by the College.

Applications and current program details are available in the Office of Human Resources.