Human Resources

Medical/Family Days

In order to provide protection against worry and financial problems when an employee is ill, or the employee's presence is needed for the care of a family member, paid medical/family days accumulate at the rate of one day per month of service to a maximum of 130 working days.

A regular employee working less than full-time or an academic year schedule is eligible for medical/family days on a prorated basis. A new employee hired on or before the 15th of the month will be given credit for a month's service in computing paid medical/family days. Exempt employees are expected to calculate and track their own time along with their supervisor. Forms for tracking time used are available through the employee's supervisor and/or the Office of Human Resources.

If an employee uses some or all of his or her paid medical/family days during a fiscal year, he or she must accrue new medical/family days to replace those used. The College reserves the right to require the employee to obtain a statement from his or her physician, or to ask for a physical examination by a College-designated physician, prior to the employee's return to work.

Department heads are responsible for the administration of the medical/family day policy. Employees who are absent due to their own illness or that of a family member for five or more consecutive work days are required to submit a physician's certification upon request. Patterns of absence that indicate abuse of the policy can be reason for requiring a second medical opinion at College expense, requiring a medical certification for each absence and/or for taking disciplinary action. Extended absence due to illness and/or inability to meet the requirements of the job can be reason to initiate application for disability benefits or prompt other action as deemed necessary by the department and/or the College.

Unused accumulated medical/family days are not paid at the time of separation and are not restored at the time of re-employment.

Medical/family days may be used for the employee's illness, illness of a family member, birth or adoption of a child, physician's appointment, or to supplement Short Term Disability (STD). Family members for the purpose of medical/family leave usage include spouse/domestic partner, child, parent or other family member for whom the employee is the primary caregiver. If possible, the use of medical/family days for foreseeable absences should be arranged in advance for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) record keeping.

See also the Family and Medical Leave Act policy and the Small Necessities Leave Act policy.