Human Resources

Military Leave

Amherst College complies with all federal and state laws concerning military leave for active duty. Employees called for active duty should contact the Office of Human Resources for further information.

Regular employees who are members of the National Guard or organized reserves are eligible to be paid the difference between their military duty training pay and their regular compensation, not to exceed 14 calendar days in each year. Upon returning to work from duty, the employees should forward a statement of military pay to the Office of Human Resources so that an adjustment in earnings can be arranged. Should the employee choose to take this time as vacation, no differential pay will be paid.

Employees who are required to take time off for uniformed services in the military will be automatically granted a leave of absence for the duration of such service, provided the total duration of such leave and all previous military leave(s) from the College does not exceed five years, and provided the employee presents his or her written orders in advance to the Office of Human Resources.

Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), upon the employee's return from uniformed services he/she will be eligible for reemployment in the position that would have been attained through continued employment, including all benefits in which the employee had been a participant or would have participated had he or she remained employed with the College. USERRA also provides for the temporary continuation of health care coverage during military leave. Benefits, including health care coverage, will continue as usual during the first two weeks, after which the benefits continuation provisions for unpaid leaves of absence will apply.

For these purposes, "uniformed services" includes the U.S. Armed Services (including the Coast Guard), the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard (when engaged in active duty for training, inactive duty training or fulltime National Guard duty), and the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service.

Please see the Office of Human Resources for further details regarding USERRA.