Human Resources

Salary Administration

The salary administration program for trustee-appointed employees is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • provide for the continued retention and attraction of competent employees
  • enhance employee's motivation to perform effectively
  • assure equitable salary administration throughout the College
  • provide guidelines for salary recommendations

Every regular trustee-appointed position should have a job description (prepared and approved by the supervisor and department head) that communicates information about the duties, responsibilities and minimum qualifications for the position.

Salaries of administrative employees are determined by both internal equity and comparative market levels for comparable positions. July 1st is the normal date for adjustments to salary. Department heads make recommendations to the President based on the achievement of goals and communicated performance expectations within a budget set by the Board of Trustees.

When a position becomes vacant, the department head is expected to review the current description before recruitment begins. Normally search committees are formed and a member of the Office of Human Resources outlines the approved process. The Office of Human Resources will arrange for advertising and remit resumes to departments.

Promotions may result in a salary adjustment for an employee. Decisions are made by the department head in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources and the appropriate Senior Administrator.