Service Award Recipients in

August 2013

  Name Department Years of Service
 Tammy Welcome Dean of Students 5
 Suzanne Spencer Dean of Students 5
 Andrea Mackiewicz Dining Services 5
 Susan Scott Advancement Operations 5
 Richey Travis Database Services 5
 Pamela Stawasz Dean of Students 10
 Jennifer Innes Moss Quantitative Center 10
 Molly Venne Catering 10
 Elizabeth Eddy Spanish 10
 Carol Sharick Dean of Students 10
 John Carter Campus Police 15
 Erin Loree Robert Frost Library 15
 Carolyn Bassett Dean of Students 15
 Jonathan Doyle Theater and Dance 20
 Lee Barstow Advancement Operations 20
 Michael Hawkins Admission 20
 Gregory Wardlaw Catering 20
 Donald Szewczyk Off of Administrative Service 25
 Rhea Cabin History 30
 David Lauder Mechanical 30
 William Slocombe Geology 35