Twenty-Five Year Club

Each spring the College hosts an employee recognition dinner to honor our employees who have worked for the College for twenty-five or more years.  Employees are invited to attend the dinner which includes employees who are or have retired from the College in the previous year. Please take a moment to peruse the names of our 25+ year colleagues who have contributed so much over the years.




Aldrich, Brian Landscape & Grounds
Auerbach, Suzanne Office of Communications
Bak, Paul Landscape & Grounds
Beckett, Louise Art & the History of Art
Boucher, Joseph Chemistry
Boykin-East, Charri Office of Student Affairs
Brace, Dee Philosophy
Breen, Mary Counseling Center
Breen, Thomas Seymour Shed
Brown, Patricia Career Center
Brownfield, Nancy Financial Aid
Cabin, Rhea History
Cannon Smith, Elizabeth Chief Advancement Officer
Carey, Warren Landscape & Grounds
Carey, Ralph Custodial Services
Carley, K. Robert Frost Library
Casey, Patrick Dining Services
Chapin, Paul Academic Technology Services
Clarke, Mavis Dining Services
Connelly, Patricia Off of Administrative Service
Dexter II, Richard Dining Services
Dix, Diane Religion
Doubleday, Dennis Electrical Shop
Eberbach, Mica Human Resources
Eddy, Paul Building Trades
Farnham, Suzette Music
Feld, Ellen Physics and Astronomy
Field, Brian Custodial Services
Fretwell, Katharine Admission
Fuller, Douglas Building Trades
Fuller, Stephen Custodial Services
Fydenkevez, Patricia Controller
Gay, David Custodial Services
Geissler, Susan Admission
Gentile, Kathleen Financial Aid
Gerrity, Kathleen Robert Frost Library
Gladu, Kevin Mechanical
Goodhind, John Paint Shop
Goodhind, Peter Mechanical
Graves, Karen American Studies
Hayden, Aaron Design & Construction
Healy, James Custodial Services
Hebert, Henry Building Trades
Hebert, Ronald Biology
Hutton, Diane Geology
Irwin, David Systems & Networking
Judycki, Stephen IT Communications Infrastructure
Kaminskas, Francis Custodial Services
Karch, Stephan Landscape & Grounds
Keedy, James Campus Police
Kells, Donald Post Office
Keyes, Karla Black Studies
Keyes, Cynthia Custodial Services
Keyes, Edmund Custodial Services
Kieras, William Custodial Services
Kimball, Richard Paint Shop
Koldy, Mitchell Custodial Services
Korenewsky, Pamela German
Kosakowski, Edward Landscape & Grounds
Laclaire, Sherry Robert Frost Library
Laizer, Theresa Political Science
Lauder, David Mechanical
Leukhardt, Paullette Database Services
Lively, Judith Robert Frost Library
Longley, John Campus Police
Longto, Karl President
Lovett, Jayne IT Support Services
Lucas, Thomas Dining Services
Lucas, Elizabeth Dining Services
Maggs, Ann Robert Frost Library
Manly, John Systems & Networking
Marcinowski, Richard Mechanical
Margolin, Isabel Psychology
Martin, Shelly Biology
McBride, Billy Physical Education
Miller, Pamela Leadership Giving
Mitchell, Gail Controller
Naiman, Doris Physical Education
Omasta-Mokrzecki, Deborah Dining Services
Orrell, Carol Office of the CIO
Parsons, Penny Controller
Piermattei, Dianne Board of Trustees
Potts, Michael Service Center
Reinle, Jeanne Economics
Rello, Maria Department of Sports Medicine
Rice, Karen Custodial Services
Schmitter, Earl Dining Services
Schmitter, John Paint Shop
Shaheen, George Custodial Services
Shea, Robert Landscape & Grounds
Sheridan, Susan Robert Frost Library
Slocombe, William Geology
Smith, David Rental Property Department
Steinbeck, Kim Garage
Thornton, James Landscape & Grounds
Thornton, Paul Custodial Services
Thornton, Joanne Controlley
Thrasher, Hardy Dining Services
Tobin, William Mechanical
Todd, Judith Advancement Operations
Torrey, Anne Mathematics
Trumble, Paul Robert Frost Library
Tuleja, Frances Admission
Venman, Peter Dining Services
Wallace, Jeffrey Custodial Services
Waskiewicz, Maureen Controller
Willey, Ryan IT Communications Infrastructure
Wisnieski, Ronald Custodial Services
Witkos, Richard Mechanical
Wood, Maryann Office of Communications
Zaniewski, Edwin Campus Police