Amherst College wants to celebrate the contributions of our staff to the College’s success.  We will also recognize particularly noteworthy contributors.


A. All staff, faculty, and students are invited to submit nominations.

B. Non-faculty employees, including casuals, who have completed a minimum of one (1) year of service with the College by the time of the nomination deadline are eligible for nomination.

C. Only nominations for individuals will be considered.

D. Individuals must be active employees on the date of the celebration.

E. Recipients from the past two years (2016 and 2015) are ineligible for this year’s award.

Nomination Criteria

A. Employees who have made extraordinary contributions to the College within the last year.

B. These contributions may have been made through outstanding job performance, extraordinary committee service, exemplary collaboration, exceptional customer service, active participation in our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive campus community, or contributions that went above and beyond the employee’s job responsibilities.

C. Please be specific when completing the nomination form described later in this document.  On a stand-alone basis, the following would not be considered examples of extraordinary contributions:

  • “Fun to work with."
  • “The best boss I ever had.”
  • “Smiles everyday.”
  • "Brings in baked goods."


A. Recognition Committee:

1. The selection process will be handled by the Recognition Committee.

a. The Committee is composed of:

i.    Representatives from the Managers Council.
ii.   Representatives from the Employee Council.
iii.  Other employees recommended to the Committee.

b. The members of the Committee will rotate following an internal process.

2. The members of the Recognition Committee for 2017 are:

a.    Laura Clampitt
b.    Mary Foulk
c.    Luis Hernandez
d.    Diane Hutton
f.     David Little
f.     Jeff Matthews
g.    Denise McGoldrick
h.    Greg Wardlaw

3. The members will conduct the selection process in a confidential manner to protect its integrity.

4. The Recognition Committee will be supported by members of the Office of Human Resources.

B. Nomination Process

  1. Nominations can be submitted by mail, email, or by using the following link:
  2. Every part of the nomination form must be completed in order to be considered.
  3. Completed paper forms must be sent to the Office of Human Resources, or placed in a specially marked box at the Office of Human Resources.
  4. Paper copies will be available in central locations around campus (Dining Services, Custodial Services, and Rental Housing).

C. Selection Process

  1. The nominations will be reviewed by the Recognition Committee, using the criteria that the nominated individual has made an extraordinary contribution to the College.
  2. The Recognition Committee will select the individuals for recognition.

D. An Employee Recognition Ceremony will be held to celebrate all of the College’s staff and announce the Awardees.

E. Awardees will be recognized during our traditional Employee Picnic on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

F. All Awardees will receive a recognition plaque and a taxable appreciation bonus of $200.


A. Nominations must be received by Friday, April 7, 2017. 

B. Nominations received after this date cannot be considered.