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Amherst has taken a leadership role among highly selective liberal arts colleges and universities in successfully diversifying the racial, socio-economic, and geographic profile of its student body. The College is similarly committed to enriching its educational experience and its culture through the diversity of its faculty, administration and staff.

Statement of Nondiscrimination

Amherst College does not discriminate in admission, employment, or administration of its programs and activities on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex or gender (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity), age, disability, genetic information, military service, or any other characteristic or class protected under applicable federal, state or local law. Amherst College complies with all state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Pay Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Inquiries should be addressed to the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Amherst College, P.O. Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002-5000.

Find information about Title IX.

The College's Title IX Coordinator is:

Laurie Frankl
Amherst College
105 E Converse Hall
Amherst, MA 01002

Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act Report

Amherst College is committed to assisting all members of the community in providing for their own safety and security.  The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available on the Amherst College Police website.  The report contains information on campus security and personal safety, as well as fire and crime statistics reported during the previous three years.  A paper copy may be requested by contacting the Amherst College Police by email (, telephone (413) 542-2291, letter, or in person at 6 East Drive, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002.


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To find information about job group and level (JGL) follow this link:

Assistant to the CAO
JGL-AO-5 | Posted 04-28-21
Database Engineer
PT-5 | Posted 04-27-21
Director of Leadership Giving
JGL-AD-2 | Posted 03-31-21
Campus Operations:
Community Service Officer
JGL AO-4 | Posted 05-20-21
Community Service Supervisor
JGL AO-5 | Posted 06-22-21
Custodial Supervisor
SM-1 | Posted 05-13-21
JGL AO-1 | Posted 06-21-21
JGL AO-1 | Posted 05-13-21
JGL AO-1 | Posted 05-13-21
Manager of Central Utilities
JGL SM-2 | Posted 06-16-21
Prep Cook
JGL AO-1 | Posted 06-15-21
Second Cook
JGL AO-3 | Posted 06-14-21
JGL AO-1 | Posted 06-14-21
Service Center Assistant
JGL AO-2 | Posted 06-10-21
Assistant Photographer 
Green Dean | Posted 06-01-21
Director of Athletics Communications
JGL PT-4 | Posted 06-01-21
Event Coordinator
JGL-AO-4 | Posted 05-14-21
General Counsel:
Chief Human Resources Officer
Posted 04-26-21
Office Manager (Boston, MA)
JGL PT-2 | Posted 06-15-21
Workday Functional Manager
Posted 05-20-21
Service Desk Support Specialist 1
JGL PT-1 | Posted 06-10-21
Provost and Dean of the Faculty:
Academic Department Coordinator
JGL-AO-5 | Posted 06-01-21
Administrative Associate
JGL-AO-4 | Posted 04-21-21
Assistant Director of Institutional Research
JGL PT-2 | Posted 06-10-21
Assistant Men's and Women's Squash Coach
Casual | Posted 06-11-21
Assistant Men's and Women's Squash Coach
Casual | Posted 04-30-21
Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming Coach
Casual | Posted 06-01-21
Assistant Men's Tennis Coach
Casual | Posted 04-30-21
Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Humanities and Social Science Specialist
JGL-RI-4 | Posted 04-21-21
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Casual | Posted 04-30-21
Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach
Casual | Posted 06-10-21
Assistant Women's Tennis Coach
Casual | Posted 04-30-21
Director of Sustainability
JGL AD-1 | Posted 05-18-21
Green Dean - Center for Restorative Practices
Green Dean | Posted 05-13-21
Green Dean - Center for Sustainability
Green Dean | Posted 06-09-21
Casual | Posted 06-02-21
Casual | Posted 06-02-21
Casual | Posted 06-02-21
Project Coordinator, Mapping Native American Intellectual Networks of the Northeast
JGL PT-2 | Posted 06-01-21
Research Assistant
JGL-RI-1 | Posted 05-03-21
Research Assistant - Biology
JGL-RI-1 | Posted 05-18-21
Research Assistant - Biology
JGL-RI-1 | Posted 05-18-21
SURF+ Programming Assistant
Casual | Posted 05-03-21
Student Affairs:  
Administrative Coordinator
JGL AO-4 | Posted 06-01-21
Buddhist Advisor
Casual | Posted 06-01-21
Community Development Coordinator
JGL PT-1 | Posted 05-26-21
Graduate Assistant - Health Education (Casual Position, No Benefits)*
Casual | Posted 12-16-20
Humanist Advisor
Casual | Posted 06-01-21
Medical Assistant for Mental Health
JGL PT-1 | Posted 06-01-21