Amherst College

Pet Policy

July 1, 2006


It is important for all members of the campus community to feel secure in our facilities and on our grounds. Therefore, the College will not permit dogs in public areas of the College buildings (research animals and animals for the disabled excepted).

The College will allow employees to have their dogs inside their private offices, subject, to the following guidelines:

  • All dogs brought to the campus must first be registered with the Amherst College Campus Police. Owners must provide documentation of their dogs current shot/vaccination records when registering their dog.                      
  • The dog must not present any health or safety concern to others in the building. If colleagues are uncomfortable with dogs in their general work area, or have some type of allergic reaction, then the dog will not be allowed.
  • Dogs must be on leashes at all times when not in their owners office
  • Dogs may not be allowed to wander outside of the owners office into public areas
  • Dogs that show any aggressive tendencies will not be allowed on campus
  • Dogs are not permitted to be in areas where food is handled or served.
  • Dog owners must post a sign on their office door notifying co-workers and service personnel that a dog is present. Signage will be available through the Amherst College Campus Police
  • Employees who bring their dogs to work are wholly responsible for cleaning their offices and removing the trash. The Physical Plant will not perform any cleaning, trash removal or maintenance services regardless of whether or not the dog is in the office at the time of service. If offices are not routinely and adequately cleaned by the occupant, then the dog will not be allowed to stay.
  • Dog owners will be financially responsible for any damage or cleaning costs resulting from the dog being brought on to campus. If the dog soils an office or public area, then the dog will no longer be allowed on campus.

If individuals choose to bring their dogs to campus grounds for outdoor activities, courtesy and respect must be extended to colleagues, students and visitors in the area. Dog owners will be required to keep dogs on a leash and should always consider safety, health and the possible fears others may have in the presence of animals. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up waste left by their dog, while on campus. Failure to clean up the waste will result in the dog no longer being allowed on campus.

Administrative offices open to the public during working hours are considered public spaces, and thus animals may not be brought into them.

These guidelines should be implemented by department heads. Complaints should be directed to the Office of Human Resources or the Amherst College Campus Police. Thank you for your cooperation with regard to these guidelines and for showing respect and courtesy to your co-workers.

Note: Provisions of these guidelines shall be reasonably applied to other pets as well.