E4 Health - Where There's More to Life

E4 Health is a comprehensive resource available to the Amherst College community to help and support you with "life services for everyday living." Some of the resources and services available include:

  • Family and Caregiving assistance and services
  • Daily Living (legal, financial and convenience) consultations and referrals
  • Emotional Well-Being counseling services and referrals
  • Health and Wellness services and programs
  • Monthly Webinars

Members of the Amherst College community can access these services at any time, either through the E4 Health website or by calling the toll-free phone numbers listed below. Accessing and using these services is confidential.

Contact Information

  • Website Access
    e4 Health
    User Name: amherst college;  Password: guest

  • Phone Access
    Access to all services  1-800-828-6025

    Manager Support  (MRC Line)  1-877-267-1585
    • For supervisors who may want to refer an employee for services and support
    • For supervisors who may want assistance with employee related issues


All Amherst faculty and staff, all household members of faculty and staff and immediate family members who have a direct impact on faculty and staff are eligible to access these services from e4 Health.