[AHealthyMe] @Amherst

The Office of Human Resources is launching a new HRWellness@Amherst program for staff and faculty. This program includes the ahealthyme SM secure wellness website. ahealthyme is a new online wellness experience provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and will be available to all Amherst employees enrolled in a Blue Cross health plan.

For now, only employees enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan at Amherst can access the full complement of resources and services available on the ahealthyme website. We hope to expand access to employees not enrolled in a Blue Cross plan at Amherst in the future. However, employees can access and take part in the wellness classes and programs listed on the HRWellness@Amherst webpage.

Please note that your individual results and data are confidential and will not be shared with Amherst College.

 Login instructions for ahealthyme are below (click here to see the links).

ahealthyme Resources

Everyone has different health and wellness goals and ahealthyme offers a variety of options to help you reach them. Whether you wish to get fit, improve your eating habits, or better manager your finances – ahealthyme has all you need to live a healthier life.

ahealthyme offers you:

  • A health assessment that looks at eight different areas of your health and provides you with a personalized health assessment report and wellness score
  • No cost, self-paced workshops on a wide-range of topics from getting active, to weight loss, to stress management
  • All the tools you need to stay on track including nutrition and exercise logs, a recipe library and a meal planner 
  • A points tracker to keep you motivated and help you monitor your progress toward your Amherst-sponsored wellness incentives (see below)
  • And much more!

  • More details about ahealthyme can be found on Human Resources website at  A Healthy Me Overview.

Each month new content is featured on the ahealthyme homepage, highlighting a timely health topic, featured tool, a monthly wellness newsletter, and a recipe. There is always a reason to log on to ahealthyme to see what’s new!

The ahealthyme website and HRWellness@Amherst webpage offer a menu of activities to help you meet your wellness goals.  We encourage staff and faculty to embark on a personal path to wellness by completing a confidential online Health Assessment, and then participating in some of the activities listed below.

Getting Started

Access our information page - A Healthy Me Overview.

Access the ahealthyme website and login to take a health assessment.

  1. To get started, go to www.ahealthyme.com/login and click on the button “Click here to sign up” under the Sign Up Now! section. Please have your Blue Cross health card available as you will need your BCBSMA member number to complete the registration process.
  2. To read a list of instructions for logging in to ahealthyme , please visit Login Instructions for ahealthyme.

Access more resources and classes on our campus at the OHR Current Trainings webpage.

If you have any difficulties accessing the ahealthyme website or using the features on their website, please visit the ahealthyme Website Support page for assistance.