Program Overview

What is the ahealthyme secure website?

The new ahealthyme secure website assesses, informs, and tracks what you want about your health—from screenings to weight loss to stress—all from your computer or Smartphone. ahealthyme has been designed to be interactive and fun while helping you reach your personal wellness goals.

ahealthyme offers you:

  • A health assessment that looks at eight different areas of your health and provides you with a personalized wellness score
  • Self-paced, no cost workshops on a wide-range of topics from getting active, to weight loss, to stress management
  • All the tools you need to stay on track including nutrition and exercise logs, a recipe library and a meal planner 
  • A points tracker to keep you motivated and help you monitor your progress toward your employer-sponsored wellness incentive*

Each month new content is featured on the ahealthyme homepage, highlighting a timely health topic, featured tool, a monthly wellness newsletter, and a recipe. There is always a reason to log on to ahealthyme to see what’s new!

How can ahealthyme help me reach my wellness goals?

Everyone has different health and wellness goals, and the ahealthymesecure website offers a variety of options to help you reach them. Whether you wish to get fit, improve your eating habits, or better manage your finances – ahealthyme has all you need to live a healthier life.

Below is a list of tools available on ahealthyme that can help support you on your wellness journey. They are organized by where you can find them in the top navigation bar, located on your ahealthyme homepage. Click on any title to advance to the topic description.

My Health Tools

Get started by taking the Health Assessment (HA). The HA survey will ask you questions about eight different areas of your health and provide you with a personalized wellness score that gives you a snapshot of your health today. By completing the health assessment, you’ll be provided with content and workshop recommendations that are relevant to your specific health needs.

Have a health question? Check out the Health Library, which provides you with articles, decision tools, and a symptom checker on a wide range of health and wellness topics.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops are self-paced, interactive modules designed to be engaging and fun, while providing you with the resources and tools you need to reach your wellness goals. Wellness workshops cover a variety of topics ranging from stress management to healthy eating to smoking cessation. Under Signup for a Workshop you can enroll in and add workshops to your queue. You can also review your workshop tasks under My To-Do List.


In this section, you’ll find tools to help make healthy eating easier. Check out the Choose Meal Plan to create a meal plan based on your nutrition goals. Whether you have diabetes, follow a vegan or vegetarian eating plan, or looking to eat heart healthy – there is a plan designed for you. The tool also makes it easy to print out shopping lists and change out food options if necessary.

Start tracking what you eat by using the Food Log. As you record your foods, you can see in real-time how close you are to your recommended total daily calories. There are over 25,000 foods to choose from in the log, including brand names and restaurant foods. Once you start logging your food, check out the My Nutrition Needs to see how what you eat stacks up to what your body really needs. Also, don’t forget to check out the Recipe Library, which provides hundreds of healthy recipes created by dieticians. You can search recipes by type (ex. dinner), name (ex. lasagna), or ingredient (ex. apples).


Check out the Exercise Planner to choose an exercise plan based on your interests and fitness level – from beginner walker, to joint-friendly, to boot camp, there is something for everyone. All plans are designed by professional trainers. Each plan gives you exercises, intervals, and short videos to show you how to do the exercises. Also, make sure to take advantage of the Exercise Logs to track your steps, strength, cardio and see all the calories you’ve burned under Exercise Log Totals.

What is the ahealthyme Health Assessment?

The ahealthyme Health Assessment is a health survey that takes just 15 minutes to complete and provides you with a snapshot of your health today.

Once you complete the survey, you will receive an interactive health assessment report and a personalized wellness score. The health assessment report will help you understand how you are doing in eight areas of your health, and recommend content and tools you may find helpful based on your survey responses. After your complete the ahealthyme Health Assessment, we encourage you to check out the Health Articles, Risk Advisor, and Wellness Plan sections of the site. Using these tools you can create a personalized approach to reaching your wellness goals.

What is the points tracker?

The points tracker is an easy way to track your progress completing wellness-related tasks on ahealthyme. If your employer offers a wellness incentive, you’ll be able to use this tool to track your progress toward your reward(s). The points tracker can always be found on your ahealthyme homepage directly below the image slider. The Points Tracker shows you a real-time total of your points. The medal on the far right side of the tracking bar represents the highest point total possible. To see how to earn points, click on Details above the tracking bar or click on How to Earn Points in the image slider or My Points in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage.

What is a wellness workshop?

Wellness workshops are self-paced, interactive learning modules designed to be engaging and fun, while providing you with the resources and tools you need to reach your wellness goals. They average four weeks in length and are designed to keep you engaged and motivated while fitting into your busy schedule. Wellness workshop topics include:

  • Physical activity
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation (quit smoking)
  • Sleep
  • Maternity
  • Financial wellness

When you signup for a wellness workshop, a week’s worth of tasks will appear in your ahealthyme homepage’s to-do list. Tasks within a workshop vary, but can include reading articles, watching videos, taking quizzes and using ahealthyme’s interactive tools and trackers. 

Can I access the ahealthyme secure website on my phone?

Yes!  ahealthyme offers a mobile version that is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones. The steps to set up your phone to access the ahealthymemobile websiteare simple:

1. Click on the green Activate Your Smartphone icon on the on right side of your ahealthyme homepage or under the Account Settings tab in the top navigation bar.

2. Activate your Smartphone by inputting the following information:

  • Phone number
  • Cell carrier
  • Create a PIN
  • Choose how you want your confirmation link sent to you

3. A message will be sent to your Smartphone; enter the information that is requested

You are now ready to use the mobile version of ahealthyme! The following features can be accessed through your phone:

  • The Weight Log
  • The Meal Planner
  • The Food Log
  • The Steps Log
  • The Cardio Log

Support and Questions

If you have any difficulties accessing the ahealthyme website or using the features on their website, please visit the ahealthyme Website Support page for assistance.