2020-21 Learning and Development Programs

Adesire for increased access to growth and development opportunities has been expressed throughout the Amherst College community. In response, the College has made a commitment to take learning and development to a new level. To this end, the Office of Human Resources is excited to introduce the 2020-21 Learning and Development Program. This Program includes expanded learning and development opportunities, available to all staff and faculty. Additionally, it has been designed to integrate with our Performance Management Process, allowing for intentional development planning in support of goal setting. Staff and supervisors/chairs will now be able to build a specific and proactive annual learning and development plan. They will also be able to use this resource as a tool to address other needs for development. We encourage you to make the most of these opportunities and to look for more to come in subsequent years – this is only the beginning of the journey!

The Office of Human Resources offers a wide range of learning and development opportunities throughout the year aimed at providing new skills, knowledge and awareness to support staff and faculty in their personal and professional development. Click on the 2020–21 Learning Tracks to get specific information about each session and to register.

Learning and Development Programs Guide

You can download the complete training guide for 2020–21 or search for opportunities online by theme.

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2020–21 Learning and Development Sessions by Month

The list below includes 2020–21 learning and development opportunities on our campus by month.  Please check back for updates and new sessions as they are added to the schedule.











January 2021

February 2021

March 2021