The Foundations of Supervision program is designed to create a shared knowledge base and skill set amongst supervisors at Amherst College.

The program has two components:

New Supervisor Onboarding Modules

Asynchronous Moodle modules focused on information sharing and awareness building.  A required part of supervisor onboarding for all new supervisors. The modules are available to anyone who supervises, and are required for those who supervise other staff. The modules are designed so that newly-hired supervisors can cycle in at any point.

Professional Development Sessions

In-person sessions focused on skill development and the behaviors associated with core supervisory competencies.  Both new and current supervisors will be required to attend all sessions within 2 years.  Sessions will be delivered to intact work groups in order to leverage peer learning and department/division-level culture development.

New Supervisor Onboarding Modules

The FoS New Supervisor Onboarding Modules can be found on Moodle. After logging in with your Amherst College login information, the New Supervisor Onboarding Modules will be available on your dashboard. If you do not immediately see the Modules on your dashboard, search for “Foundations of Supervision”. Please contact Ana Devlin Gauthier,, if the program is not appearing on your dashboard.

Module topics completed within the first two weeks of supervisory role

Module topics completed within the first three months of supervisory role

(Modules currently unavailable. Not required at this time.)

Module topics completed within the first twelve months of supervisory role

(Modules currently unavailable. Not required at this time.)

Session 2: Developing Teams (Fall 2024)

Session 3: Applying an Equity Lens to Supervision (Spring 2025)

Session 4: Developing Culture (Fall 2025)

Supervisory Competencies

In 2023, additional competencies were built within the Supervisory Skills competency which better reflect the desires expressed though listening sessions and assessment to clarify supervisory expectations at the College. These changes are used to guide supervisory development and are not part of the Performance Management Process. The change breaks out the Supervisory Skills competency into five supervisory-specific competencies. Note: this competency only applies to those who supervise staff at the College. 

Supervisory Competencies (click on each competency to expand and view example behaviors):