• Communication
  • Continuous Learning

The Performance Management Process (PMP) Mid-Year Check In provides an opportunity for supervisors/chairs and staff to have a conversation and review the goals created during the performance evaluation. For staff new to their roles, and for those who did not complete the annual review the previous spring, the check in provides an opportunity to identify goals. The purpose of the check in meeting is to:

  • review and acknowledge progress towards a goal
  • review and acknowledge completion of a goal
  • identify any goals that have not been fully achieved and develop a plan to complete them
  • foster an open exchange and dialogue between supervisors and employees
  • increase communication about the Performance Management Process Steps
  • recognize and celebrate accomplishments!

The Mid-Year Check In workshop offers an opportunity to explore strategies and techniques for having a productive dialogue, and offers suggestions for how to prepare for the discussion and set goals.

Presenter      Ana Devlin Gauthier, Learning and Development Facilitator

Thursday, November 9, 20239:00 - 10:00 AMVirtual
Wednesday, November 15, 202311:00 AM - 12:00 PMVirtual