Three interconnected circles with a human figure in each circle During these past weeks we have had to find our way through ever-changing conditions and the accompanying challenges and emotions.  Now that the first chaotic days of the pandemic are behind us, we are settling-in to new ways of working and interacting for the foreseeable future.  The time is right to find new ways to reconnect.  One way to feel connected and to strengthen your network is to learn together.  To that end, the OHR Learning & Development team is introducing Learning Circles

Learning Circles can be a great opportunity for targeted learning and development.  The goal of a Learning Circle is to build knowledge and understanding by presenting and connecting new learning content that is relevant to the current situation, and enhancing the new insights with peer dialogue and reflection.  Typical outcomes are stronger personal connections, development of new skills, and a deeper understanding of areas of shared interest.  Learning Circles can take many forms.  For example, they can be made up of individuals who have a common interest or they could be a way to bring together an intact work group. 

This is how our Learning Circles will work:

  • We will meet with you to discuss the learning topics that you think are most relevant for your group. We will use this information to curate learning content that is relevant and customized for your team.
  • Every two weeks we will send out a short (+/- 15 minute) video, article or reading that will introduce some concepts and stimulate your thinking. 
  • Then, we will schedule a 1-hour Zoom session to discuss the concepts from the video and pull out personally meaningful learning and insights that can be applied in the current environment and going forward. 

Let’s learn together!

For more information or to launch a Learning Team please contact Fredricka Joyner, Director of Organization Development and Engagement at