The Learning & Development Team is excited to announce the re-launch of LinkedIn Learning! This repository of virtual learning opportunities, organized into courses, will allow for self-directed learning on a variety of topics, as well as recommended courses from the OHR Learning & Development team in the OHR Learning & Development curated collections (see themes below). As you view, remember that the contexts the videos are produced in may be different than what you directly experience, but often the lessons and skills are applicable. We encourage you to use your critical thinking and awareness to build some bridges and find the lesson in the sessions you attend. 

LinkedIn Learning account required. Instructions to join LinkedIn Learning using your Amherst College login credentials

February LinkedIn Learning Challenge: Creative Thinking

OHR Learning & Development is excited to present the second monthly LinkedIn Learning Challenge: Creative Thinking and Innovation in Practice. This challenge explores the concept of creativity and how it shows up in our work. It will provide methods for ideating, sparking a creative flow, and getting out of a rut. The challenge consists of videos from LinkedIn Learning and activities which assist in putting the knowledge into practice. Visit the website for more information and to register.