Theme: Supervisory Skill Development

Primary Competency: Supervisory Skills

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New Supervisor Learning Group Overview

It is often said that stepping into a supervisory role for the first time is one of the most difficult transitions a leader will make throughout their entire career. Ironically, these transitions often occur with little or no development support.

This development opportunity -- New Supervisor Learning Group -- is designed to be "low investment/high impact" and will include a short <15 minute read or watch each month followed by a 1-hour meeting to discuss.  The design of this offering will also focus on building and strengthening a network among participants.

Target Audience

This program is specifically designed for those who moved into a first-time supervisory role within the past two years -- whether recruited externally or promoted from within. (Note of clarification: This is not a program for experienced supervisors who are new to the College.)

2022 Workshop Dates and Topics

Monthly topics have been selected based on the priority skill-development needs of new supervisors.  All workshops will take place 10:00 - 11:00 AM.

  • March 15th - Transitioning to a Supervisor
  • April 26th - The Importance of Connection Before Content
  • May 17th - Setting Group Expectations to Build Trust
  • June 21st - In the Moment and Proactive Conflict Management Through Feedback
  • July 19th - Fostering Connection through Collaboration
  • August 16th - Delegation and Decisions
  • September 20th - Navigating Conflict Amongst Team Members
  • October 18th - Emotional Intelligence
  • November 15th - Coaching
  • December 20th - Psychological Safety


The New Supervisor Learning Group program will be on-going and participants can opt in or out at any time.  A one time registration will allow participants to receive updates about the program and learning materials for each workshop. Attendance at the monthly workshops is encouraged though not required.