The following titles describe the creative process and include strategies and activities for encouraging creativity at work.

Yes, And   

by Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton
techniques for reversing "no, but..." thinking and improving creativity and collaboration

Get Weird!

by John Putzier
ideas for building an innovative culture with some tips for recognizing and rewarding people for their creativity

Additional Resources

More titles on creativity and innovation (not available in the Cafe Collection at this time). Please contact Stephen Butler (542-2521) if you wish to borrow these titles.

Stir It Up!  Recipes for Robust Insights and Red Hot Ideas

by Laurie Tema-Lyn
activity ideas that can be used to spur creative thinking and problem solving

More Lightning Less Thunder

by Bob Eckert and Jonathan Vehar
describes how to build a work environment that supports and encourages creative thinking while minimizing tensions within teams


by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
based on interviews with highly creative people, this book decsribes the creative process and offers insights into how to enhance your own creative thinking