Can you be happy at work? Should work be a happy place? How can work feel happy if you are constantly feeling stressed to get tasks done?

This session will be an interactive conversation about what makes you happy at work. We will review some of the ideas and techniques from the books below, and think about how to bring some "happy energy" back to work. The event will conclude with an ice cream / FroYo social.

Research shows that people who enjoy their work generally get more done than people who don't enjoy their work, and they create a positive environment for others. So happiness is an important part of performing well and accomplishing your tasks. The books below can help you think about what happiness at works means to you, and offer some ideas and techniques for creating happiness in your workplace.

Happiness at Work - Be Reslient, Motivated and Successful - No Matter What

by Srikumar S. Rao
this book shows you how to reclaim your joy for living and create your own vision for success through exercises and inspiring lessons

Real Happiness at Work - Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement and Peace

by Sharon Salzberg
discover how to improve all the positives of working life (accomplishment, creativity, challenge and joy)  while mitigating the negatives (stress, exhaustion and feeling underappreciated)

Real Happiness - The Power of Meditation

by Sharon Salzberg
examples of different techniques and meditations to increase your happiness at work, includes a CD with 9 meditation practices (meditations from 2 to 15 minutes in length)

Powered by Happy - How To Get and Stay Happy At Work (Boost Performance, Increase Success and Transform Your Workday)

by Beth Thomas
learn about 10 Happiness Tips that you can use on a daily basis along with other practical  activities and techniques that can help you find happiness at work on a regular basis 

We expect to be adding some new titles to this section in the Collection over the summer. They will be listed here as soon as they are on the shelves.

More Readings and Articles on Happiness

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