We are working to transform this into a virtual workshop, date and details TBD. Stay tuned to the Mammoth for details as they come!

It is often said that “IQ gets you in the door but EQ keeps you there.” That is because Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been found to be at the core of a person’s ability to build trust and shared purpose with others, two components of creating intentionally inclusive environments. This session provides an overview of EI competencies and their connection to creating a culture of engagement and inclusion. There will be some virtual pre-work as a part of this session.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Define EI and describe the specific EI competencies.
  • Make connections between these competencies, engaging others and creating an inclusive work environment.
  • Prioritize your emotional intelligence strengths and opportunities for growth.

This session is designed for individuals who are curious about EI and the role it can play.

Presenter   Fredricka Joyner, Director of Organization Development & Engagement - Human Resources

TBD TBD Zoom Virtual Workshop

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