Four-Part Series

When people are engaged they bring their best selves to work by connecting to organizational meaning, focusing on achieving important goals and exuding contagious positive energy.  This series highlights specific strategies that are closely linked to building a culture of engagement.

Each session includes:

  1. learning and understanding skills that are tied to building a culture of engagement
  2. opportunities to practice and apply those skills
  3. developing action steps to apply these learnings to the workplace

Everyone will be expected to develop and implement their plans during and after the series.

Session 1: Turning Up the Volume on Engagement

When people are engaged they bring their best selves to work by connecting to organizational meaning, focusing on achieving important goals and by exuding contagious positive energy.  Decades of research highlight the critical impact that leaders have on feelings of engagement.  This session will focus on the small things that can make a big difference when developing an engaged work culture.

Session 2: One-on-One Meetings

Research confirms that leaders have a profound effect on feelings of engagement. In fact, it can be said that a manager is the window through which individuals experience the organization.  One-on-one meetings are one way to enhance that experience.  In fact, many organizations report that effective, consistent one-on-one meetings are key to increasing feelings of engagement.  This session will introduce a simple framework and a set of tools to support one-on-one meetings that are both engaging and results-oriented.

Session 3: Facilitating Engaging Meetings

More than 25 million meetings are held every day in the United States with many spending 50% or more of their work time in meetings.  Meetings provide an opportunity for meaningful engagement.  Yet, up to ½ of the time spent in meetings is viewed as unproductive and disengaging.  This session offers easy-to-implement tools and techniques to increase the effectiveness of time spent in meetings while also increasing participation and engagement.  Participants will leave with the tools necessary to achieve immediate, dramatic improvement in the meetings for which they are responsible.

Session 4: Crucial Conversations

There are three factors that make a conversation "crucial": opinions vary, stakes are high and emotions may run strong.  Participants will explore and learn crucial conversation techniques to improve their ability to hold effective conversations and to achieve better outcomes through dialogue. Participants will practice these skills by discussing high stakes conversations they may be facing at work.

Presenters   Fredricka Joyner and Stephen Butler

Each four-part series presents the same content. Please register for the series that fits your schedule.
Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all four sessions in a series since the content is designed as an integrated curriculum.

Engagement Series A

Tuesday, June 16; Wednesday, July 22; Tuesday, August 18; and Wednesday, September 16
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Friedmann Room

Engagement Series B

Tuesdays: December 8; January 12, February 16, and March 16, 2021
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Friedmann Room
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