Generating ideas and options is a critical component of effective leadership.  Among other things, it feeds program development, problem-solving and decision-making.  Involving others in the idea generation process drives positive feeling of engagement.  This session will use the Mead Art Museum collection as a springboard for activities designed to explore tools and skills related to collaborative idea generation.  It is offered in partnership with the Mead Education Department.

After this session you will have a new set of tools to:

  • build on the ideas of others.
  • ask questions to broaden the range of options.
  • reframe issues and questions.

This session is relevant for all members of the Community who are interested in exploring leadership concepts and themes.


Fredricka Joyner, Director of Organization Development and Engagement

Emily Potter-Ndiaye, Dwight and Kirsten Poler & Andrew W. Mellon Head of          Education and Curator of Academic Programs


Date Time Location
Wednesday, July 15
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Mead Museum

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