Change is becoming a way of life for our campus.  The OHR is responding with a range of offerings that will increase your understanding of the change process, provide hands-on tools and help you develop the skills necessary to successfully navigate the changes that you encounter.  

We live in a world of limits: there are only 24 hours in a day, only so much in the budget, and a delivery date that’s just around the corner. Yet, expectations, desires, and opportunities, from ourselves as well as others, are never-ending. How do we live gracefully and effectively poised between the limits of time and seemingly limitless demands?

The key is to practice time management ABCs: managing our Attention, our Boundaries, and our Choices. In this hands-on session, we’ll work with strategies for dealing with interruptions, distractions, and reminder systems to direct Attention. We’ll make good use of timers to contain our tasks within firm, yet flexible Boundaries. We’ll explore a range of options for making Choices that serve the greater good, ourselves included.

This session is for anyone, at any level, who has more to do than time to do it (that’s all of us!).

When you leave you’ll be able to

* deal with interruptions and distractions

* set up time containers that protect the time you devote to tasks

* make more effective, satisfying time management choices.

It’s possible to make peace with the impossibility of doing it all. What we need are skills and practice!

Presenter    Pam Kristan, Author, Teacher and Consultant

Pam Kristan, seminar leader, consultant, and author of Awakening In Time, has helped thousands of individuals and organizations operate with ease and effectiveness. She moderated panels for National Take Back Your Time Day speak-outs and has been featured in national broadcast and print media. Learn more at

Date Time Location
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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