Fredricka Joyner  

Please join us in welcoming Fredricka Joyner as our new Director of Organization Development and Engagement.  In this role, Fredricka will manage and support the assessment of organizational needs and the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that facilitate the professional development and continuous learning of staff, supervisors and emerging leaders.  She will also lead the development and implementation of engagement strategies, programs, and events in line with the College’s strategic priorities and with a focus on improving culture and creating a positive work environment for all staff and faculty.  
Fredricka has an extensive background in leadership, organization, and community development.  She previously served as a tenured faculty member in the Indiana University System, and as Senior Leadership and Organization Development Consultant for ADVISA USA.  She has delivered hundreds of hours of face-to-face and virtual training on a wide variety of topics; has provided regional, national and international presentations; and has produced 19 publications. Fredricka holds an MA in Organizational Management and a Ph.D. in Community and Organization Development.  We are thrilled to add Fredricka to our OHR Staff and looking forward to all the great initiatives she will lead!
We want to thank the members of the search committee: Guy Cote, Roberta Diehl, Joe Flueckiger, Stephen Hegarty, Gail Holt, Scott Howard, Jaya Kannan, Dina Levi, Suzanne Newby-Estes, Stephen Nigro, and Amy Rondeau, as well as all the members of the Employee Council and Managers Council, for their support and participation in this search.