March 25, 2022

Dear Staff and Faculty,

I am pleased to announce changes to compensation that will result in an increase in pay for many of our extraordinary employees. The well-deserved increases will be in effect as of the first April payroll. They reflect a strategic investment that will also assist hiring managers with recruiting and retaining talent at a time of market pressures and labor shortages. I want to thank staff in Human Resources and Finance who have worked hard over the past months to develop the program.

We will:

  • increase hourly pay for non-exempt, benefits-eligible employees at the minimum end of the A0-1 range by $1.00 per hour, from $16.71 to $17.71 (a 6.0% increase);

  • increase wages for all exempt and non-exempt benefits-eligible employees earning up to $85,000 by graduated amounts, as follows:

    • under $50,000: $1.00 per hour increase

    • $50,000-$59,000: $.80 per hour increase

    • $60,000-$85,000: $.60 per hour increase

    • salaried (exempt) employees in these same salary ranges will receive the equivalent of the hourly increase based on their weekly schedule. For example, a $1.00 per hour increase is the equivalent of $2,080 annually (40 hours over 52 weeks per year);

  • increase the casual employee minimum wage from $15.00 per hour to $16.00 per hour;

  • increase the student minimum wage from $14.25 per hour to $15.25 per hour.

Employee groups who have their wages increased as a result of this change will also remain eligible for the 7/1/22 salary pool increase.

If you have any questions about how these changes may affect your pay, please contact the Office of Human Resources at

Thank you for all that you do to make Amherst a great place to live, work, and learn.