Departmental Checklist

The items below are all tasks that need to be completed to ensure a new hire has a successful introduction to Amherst and can feel comfortable and productive in their new role. Supervisors should review this list in advance of the new employee arriving on campus to ensure that all the necessary arrangements have been made and to create a smooth transition when the new hire arrives for their first day at work.

Complete Information Technology New Hire Checklist (before employee arrives on campus)
  1. computer ordered and installation scheduled by employee’s first day
  2. email account set up
  3. identify access to appropriate computer files and databases
  4. provide a list of office phone and fax numbers
  5. include new person in email group lists, distribution lists, phone lists, on the website, etc.
  6. phone hook-up scheduled (Ryan Willey / 542-8185)
  7. if appropriate, laptop or remote devices ordered
  1. order necessary office furniture and equipment (desk, chair, file cabinets, etc.)
  2. clean workspace (empty drawers and filing cabinets)
  3. provide trash and recycling containers
  4. check lights
  5. get keys for office, building as needed
  6. provide basic office supplies
  7. nameplates and business cards if appropriate
  8. uniforms if appropriate, or dress code for the office
  9. provide their campus mail address
Work Schedule (your department)
  1. provide office/departmental opening and closing times
  2. review coverage issues for lunch breaks if appropriate
  3. provide first week’s schedule (meetings, tours, etc.)
  4. review timesheet and payroll information if appropriate
  5. review policy for breaks if appropriate
Department Welcome Folder and Orientation
  1. department strategic plan and mission
  2. recent accomplishments
  3. current projects and deadlines of note
  4. department policies and procedures
  5. provide a diagram of office/building and organizational chart if appropriate
  6. list of relevant acronyms
  7. arrange for a tour of the office and building, introduction to staff
  8. arrange a tour of Amherst and office websites
  9. give a map of campus, and arrange a tour

Please contact the Office of Human Resources if you have questions about the items on this list.