2017 Online Performance Management Process

The online PMP will be available by the middle of January. 

Please follow this link: The Online PMP (We recommend the use of Firefox or Chrome for the Online PMP.)

Detailed instructions below.

Performance Management Trainings

The Office of Human Resources is scheduling a range of trainings to assist employees with the Performance Management Process. To see a full list of the sessions, please visit the Current Trainings webpage.  Please visit this page frequently for an updated list of sessions.

Supervisors and Department Heads may request training for their staff or their division by contacting Stephen Butler at 542-2521 / sdbutler@amherst.edu.

Performance Management Process Resources

The Performance Management Process is one of the most important interactions between supervisors and employees. It assists in establishing mutual understandings of the responsibilities and the performance expectations associated with a position.  It also provides a mechanism for employees to contribute to the achievement of Amherst College’s strategic goals and mission.

We have created a step-by-step guide with information and tools to help you prepare for your performance review.  Please follow the links below for the Performance Management Process Guide, as well as for the Performance Management Process (PMP) Flow Chart, the Performance Evaluation Form, the Self Evaluation Form, and the Job Description Form. There are detailed Instructions on how to use the online PMP forms for Employees, Supervisors, Department Heads and Senior Managers.

Do not hesitate to contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions you may have about the Performance Management Process.