The PMP Mid-Year Check In provides an opportunity for supervisors/chairs and staff to have a conversation and review the goals created during the performance evaluation. For staff new to their roles, the check in provides an opportunity to identify goals. The purpose of the check in meeting is to:

  • review and acknowledge progress towards a goal
  • review and acknowledge completion of a goal
  • identify any goals that have not been fully achieved and develop a plan to complete them
  • foster an open exchange and dialogue between supervisors and employees
  • increase communication about the Performance Management Process Steps (Self-Evaluation, Performance Evaluation, Evaluation Discussion and Goal Setting, and Mid-Year Check In)
  • recognize and celebrate accomplishments!

We have created a simple Mid-Year Check In Form  and Suggestions and Tips for Completing the Mid-Year Check In to provide guidance and structure for these conversations.  We encourage supervisors/chairs and staff to complete the form together, or to complete the form independently and combine the comments during or after the discussion, as applicable.  The Mid-Year Check In period is Monday, September 30th to Friday, November 15th.

To support this check in process, Mid-Year Check In Trainings will be provided for Staff and Supervisors/Chairs to prepare for a productive and engaging dialogue.  If your department wants to schedule a session for supervisors/chairs or staff, please contact Stephen Butler to coordinate.

You may download an electronic copy of the Check In Form as either a fillable PDF or a Word document. If you would like to make this part of your record (optional), please follow the instructions below to save the form before sending it to the OHR to be included in your record.  If you have any questions about the Mid-Year Check In process, please do not hesitate to contact us at x2372 or

Instructions for Submitting the Mid-Year Check In Form

Once the Mid-Year Check In conversation is completed, supervisors/chairs and staff who would like to submit the completed form to the Office of Human Resources should follow the instructions below to save the document and facilitate the process of adding this form to the staff’s online PMP profile.  Please do not send paper copies.

  1. save the form as a PDF
  2. name the file: Employee Name Mid-Year Check In.pdf (ex: Jane Smith Mid-Year Check In.pdf)
  3. email the form to
  4. include “Check In Form” in the subject of the email

If you have any questions about the Mid-Year Check In or the process to submit a copy, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Thank you for your assistance.