The Performance Management Process (PMP) provides an opportunity for supervisors/chairs and staff to establish mutual understandings of the responsibilities and the performance expectations associated with a position. It also provides a mechanism for employees to contribute to the achievement of Amherst College’s strategic goals and mission. This process is an opportunity to: 

  • foster an open exchange and dialogue between supervisors and employees
  • review and acknowledge progress towards a goal
  • review and acknowledge completion of a goal
  • highlight areas requiring improvement
  • establish goals and development plans for the coming year
  • recognize and celebrate accomplishments! 

Due to the impact of the pandemic and our current remote work environment, this year’s PMP will be conducted using a streamlined performance evaluation form, rather than completing the process through the OPM. To access last year's Self Evaluation and Evaluation forms, please visit the Online PMP systemWe encourage supervisors/chairs to find ways to connect with the staff and complete the process by June 30, 2020

To support this process, learning sessions will be available for Staff and Supervisors/Chairs to provide an overview of the form and suggestions on how to prepare for a productive and engaging dialogue.  If your department wants to explore additional resources, there are some excellent tips and references to online training videos available from LinkedIn Learning.  Please see the announcement below for more information. 

In addition, we have created some Tips and Suggestions for Supervisors/Chairs and for Staff to help you prepare for this important conversation.  You may download an electronic copy of the PMP 2019-20 Evaluation Form as either a fillable PDF or a Word document. Once completed, a copy can be sent to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to be included in the PMP records, and shared with the Department Head or Senior Manager.  Supervisors/Chairs and Staff can also keep a copy of the form for their own records.  Please follow the instructions below to save the form before sending it to the OHR to be included in your record.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Instructions for Submitting the PMP 2019-20 Evaluation Form

Once the PMP conversation is completed, supervisors/chairs and staff who would like to submit the completed form to the Office of Human Resources should follow the instructions below to save the document and facilitate the process of adding this form to the staff’s online PMP profile.  Please do not send paper copies.

  1. save the form as a PDF (instructions for electronic signatures)
  2. name the file: Employee Name PMP 2019-20.pdf (ex: Jane Smith Annual 2019-20.pdf)
  3. email the form to
  4. include “PMP Evaluation Form” in the subject of the email

If you have any questions about the PMP 2019-20 or to submit a copy, please contact the Office of Human Resources at

Creating SMART Goals

SMART goal setting provides structure to the specific tasks, projects or ideas we want to accomplish.  It creates a path to accomplish objectives with clear milestones and action items that can be tracked and measured.   SMART goal setting also creates transparency throughout the process of creating goals, making sure that both supervisor/chair and staff member are clear on expectations and ways in which success in accomplishing a goal will be assessed.

LinkedIn Learning Resources

Putting Learning at the Center of Performance Reviews

This article (link below) includes techniques for how to focus on learning in a review conversation, how to use a coaching approach when talking to staff, and how to set growth goals and discuss professional development opportunities.  Please use our Performance Management Process Tips and Skills LinkedIn Learning Collection to access all of the trainings referenced in the article (more information to the right).

Five Ways to Put Learning Into Reviews Article

Performance Management Process Tips and Skills

A Performance Management Process Tips and Skills LinkedIn Learning Collection (link below) has been put together to give supervisors an opportunity to strengthen management skills and to increase the value of your staff members' experience. The collection includes information related to: preparing to engage in the performance management conversation; coaching; goal-setting; team development and helping others grow. You must have access to LinkedIn Learning to access the Learning Collection (more information to the right)

Access the PMP Tips and Skills LinkedIn Learning Collection

Obtaining Access to LinkedIn Learning

If you already have been granted access to LinkedIn Learning from AskIT, when prompted, click Sign In with Single Sign-On and sign in with your Amherst username and password to access the PMP Tips and Skills LinkedIn Learning Collection.

If you have not previously requested access to LinkedIn Learning, use the link below to request access then once it is granted, you may view the collection.

You will need an active license to access this collection and any of the LinkedIn Learning online content and resources.

Request a LinkedIn Learning license from IT