Working remotely requires a different approach to supervision to ensure that staff understand the expectations of their remote work situations. The documents and resources on this page are intended to help supervisors and chairs to adapt their supervisory practices to support their staff while working remotely.

To start, please read the PDF documents below, Guidelines for Remote Work Arrangements for Supervisors and Department Chairs and Social Distancing. The Work Arrangements file outlines policies and procedures for the college during this time of change.

Additionally, the articles and links below include ideas and practical tips to assist you.

  1. How to Lead a Remote Team as You Figure It Out Yourself
    Review how to maintain a sense of calmness and how to focus on effective communication by using seven practical coaching behaviors.
  2. How to Answer an Unanswerable Question
    Review six practical tips and some helpful questions to ask when people are feeling anxious and uncertain.
  3. Connection Is Critical During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Review research on the impact of loneliness during this time of isolation and learn about twelve steps you can take to counteract feelings of loneliness and stay connected.

  4. Three Essentials to Leading Through Covid-19
    Written by Amherst alumnus, Alain Hunkins, this article describes three key skills for leaders at this time: 1) Context, 2) Connection and 3) Constant Communication.

  5. Three Easy Virtual Teambuilding Activities
    Describes and gives directions for three activities to promote interaction and fostering team development, They can be good ways to inject some energy and fun into Zoom meetings.

  6. How to Help Virtual Teams Create Authentic Connections
    Best practices for virtual meetings and for creating meaningful connections remotely.

  7. How (and Why) to Check in with Your Employees Now More Than Ever
    Describes three important check in topics: 1) the person, 2) the work - alignment and performance, and 3) the resources they need. A good read with specific and easy to fall tips.

  8. 12 New Habits for Leading in a Virtual World
    Learn about new habits (or relearn and adapt existing habits) to be mindful in your communications, to foster community and to accelerate performance as a remote supervisor.

  9. That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief
    A framework for understanding the confusing feelings people are experiencing and tips for how to recognize them, accept them and move forward.

  10. Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Employees
    This article includes practical ideas and techniques for maintaining connection with your remote staff and supporting them to be successful.

  11. Seven Common Reactions to Change and How to Respond to Them
    Adjusting to the rapidly changing situation at work and in the world today may be the biggest change we have faced as an institution. This article offers some helpful insights into how to respond to the many changes we are experiencing.

  12. How to Perfect Your Home Work Setup So Your Back Stops Hurting So Much
    Ergonomic tips for creating a comfortable work space away from your office.

For more suggested practices, please visit the Remote Tips for Supervisors and Department Chairs webpage.

The files below offer additional ideas and resources and can be downloaded to read and share.

If you have questions, want to discuss ways to enhance your remote supervision, or have suggestions of resources that might be helpful to other Supervisors or Department Chairs, please contact Fredricka Joyner or Ana Devlin Gauthier.


The link(s) below provides access to information about staying connected via technology from a remote work station.

The IT Department offers a variety of trainings on how to enhance your skills using different software, how to use Zoom to create remote work connections, and how to update the college website. Please visit the link above to view the sessions that are scheduled. This time might be a good opportunity to learn or brush up on your technical skills. 


Zoom Virtual Backgrounds & Computer Wallpaper

Bring a piece of Amherst to your remote workstation. Pick a campus photo or a Mammoth as your Zoom virtual background or computer wallpaper.