Next Supervisory Forum

The next Supervisory Forum is scheduled for February 25th from 11:30-1:00 on Zoom.

Invitations and Zoom links will be sent via Gmail to all Supervisors before each session.

Dates for 2021:

  • February 25
  • May 27
  • August 26
  • December 9th

To review past Supervisory Forum presentations, click on Forum Presentations.

The Amherst College Supervisory Forum is an initiative of the Office of Human Resources.  The purpose is to provide Supervisors and Managers a space for open discussion of issues affecting our work environment. The goals are:

  • To increase our understanding of the College’s policies, procedures and customary practices.
  • To ensure a fair and consistent application of such policies, procedures and customary practices.
  • To share best practices in the management of issues affecting our departments.
  • To discuss our concerns, views and perspectives, with the aim to build a common mission and vision.
  • To strengthen our peer relationships and establish mutually beneficial collaborations.
  • To continually develop our supervisory and leadership skills.

The agenda for each forum is created to address topics of current interest. Human Resources welcomes suggestions about topics or issues to be presented and discussed in future sessions.


Maria-Judith Rodriguez, Chief Human Resources Officer

HR staff and other content experts



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