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In response to supervisors expressing interest in a recent survey, training on the following topics can be found as part of the Leadership Series:


Workplace Fundamentals

Computer Trainings

Microsoft Office 2013 (Word and Excel)

These trainings will use the new 2103 version of Microsoft Office, and will incluide some pre-work with online programs in The classes will be hands-on and provide opportunities to practice on specific work projects.

Content Management System (CMS)

Another round of Content Management System (CMS) sessions will be scheduled in March and possibly April. There will be an Introductory session, an Advanced Session and an Advanced Session to learn how to create webforms.

Please check back here for an updated list of sessions, or check the IT training calendar at

If you want to be notifed when they sessions are scheduled, please contact Stephen Butler ( and he will send you an update. 

All sessions will be held in the Barker Room, A Level, Frost Library.


Workplace English (English as a Second Language)

A second year of ESL classes started in October and will finish in May of 2014 after 30 weeks, meeting twice weekly. The Office of Human Resources at Amherst College is pleased to partner again  with the Labor/Management Workplace Education Program from UMASS Amherst to conduct these classes for Amherst employees across our campus.  

The first series in 2013 was a great success.  The learners all reported feeling less isolated in their jobs and more confident speaking, writing, and reading English. Managers also attested to learners’ increased facility with English and thus their enhanced relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and Amherst College students.

Anyone interested in participating in future ESL classes should speak with their supervisor and contact Stephen Butler in Human Resources at 542-2521 /


Library Workshops

The library will schedule more Zotero workshops in the coming months and you can register to attend directly on the library's website. Click this link to see the dates and times when they become available.


Book & Plow Farm

The Book & Plow Farm is starting its second season as part of our campus. One aspect of the farm's mission is to be an educational resource for the campus. There are opportunities throughout the year for groups to work on projects at the farm. This springl the farmers will again be looking for groups to help with a wide range of projects.

If your work unit or department might be interested in a team-building event or retreat at the farm, please contact Stephen Butler in Human Resources to discuss your ideas and to explore what opportunities might be available.

Trainings at UMASS Amherst

Workplace Learning and Development at UMASS Amherst is offering some trainings open to Five College participants. You can review these offerings at this link:

To sort the trainings open to Five College participation, please click on Workshops (left side under top blue banner), then under Workshop Schedule click For and it will sort the workshops by who may attend.  Workshops for UMass Faculty, Staff, and the Public should be at the top of the list.

Non-UMASS participants cannot register on-line.  They will have to call, use registration forms in the brochure, or contact Stephen Butler for a registration form.

  • Registration:  413-545-1787
  • Mailing Address:  WLD, UMASS - 140 Hicks Way, 303 Goodell, Amherst, MA  01003


To register:

Questions? Please contact:

  • Stephen Butler: 542-2521
  • Mara Gendel: 542-2372

Educational Programs

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