Human Resources

Five College Training & Development Collaborative

The purpose of the Five College Training and Development Collaborative is to provide cost effective access to high quality training and professional development programs for all five campuses. Working closely with the Directors of Human Resources, programs are developed based on the needs and goals of each campus as well as to benefit the entire five college system.

The Collaborative has sponsored a wide range of programs for five college employees over the years, including the Leadership Development Conference, the Fundamentals of Supervision series, and the Office Professionals Conference.

More recently, the Collaborative has focused its energy on Intergroup Dialogue by partnering with the Social Justice Education Program of the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Working with Dr. Ximena Zúñiga from UMASS, the Collaborative has sponsored two training institutes for faculty and staff and then scheduled two Days of Dialogue events across the five campuses.

All five colleges are represented on the Collaborative by Human Resources and Training & Development Professionals.