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Campus Staggered Departure Procedure

When the Campus Closes Early

October 28, 2010


Amherst College
Campus Staggered Departure Procedure
When the Campus Closes Early

In cooperation with the towns of Amherst and Hadley and the Amherst police and fire departments, we are joining University of Massachusetts and Hampshire College in instituting a staggered departure schedule for employees during winter-related early closings.  This plan is part of an effort to provide unimpeded access for emergency vehicles as well as reduce traffic congestion during winter-related early closings.  

All employees who are not required to remain on campus during a weather emergency will depart campus based on an alphabetical ordering of their last name in 20 minute increments beginning 60 minutes before the campus officially closes.  Each collaborating employer will decide when they will close, however we will all stagger our departures.  If you are uncertain whether or not you are required to remain on campus during a weather emergency, please consult with your supervisor.  The rotation order will be changed for each early departure so that no one employee group is always first or last according to the following schedule:

LEAVERotation 1
Rotation 2Rotation 3  Rotation 4
60 minutes prior to official closureA to D
R to ZL to QE to K
40 minutes prior to official closureE to K
A to DR to ZL to Q
20 minutes prior to official closure   L to QE to K
A to D
R to Z
At Official Closing TimeR to ZL to QE to KA to D

When the campus announces an early closing time, a rotation number will be attached to the announcement through the emergency weather line, voice mail and e-mail messages.  For example, “The campus is closing today at 2:00 PM, departures according to Rotation 1.”  Employees not required to remain on campus would then depart at the times noted.  A copy of this procedure can be accessed from the Emergency Weather Page by clicking on the following link:

Employees may use excused or vacation time if they wish to leave before their scheduled departure time.  No compensatory time or overtime will accrue to any employee based on their scheduled departure time under this plan.  Timesheets should reflect the official closing time.

To assist you in planning your commute, you may view real time traffic at (  This web site has traffic cameras at a variety of locations including along routes 9 and 116.