About the Office of Immigration Services

Launched in January 2021, Amherst College's Office of Immigration Services (OIS) supports international students, our undocumented/DACA student community, and any student at Amherst College who is otherwise navigating the legal landscape of immigration policy in the U.S.

Perhaps now more than ever, those who directly navigate these federal regulatory policies are experiencing rapid and unexpected changes that directly impact their lives, their work and studies, and their families. We know, too, that the effects of immigration policy change are often magnified and exacerbated for students holding marginalized identities beyond their immigration status. The OIS is a central hub for up-to-date information, dedicated resources, and advocacy—we offer immigration and visa support through a lens of deep care for students’ full selves.

Hanna Bliss

Hanna Bliss

Director of Immigration and Visa Services

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hanna serves as the Director of Immigration Services. Her own experiences as an international student (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) and Fulbright FLTA/high school teacher (Köln) kicked off her interest in international education, and she has been in the field ever since. As of 2012, Hanna's work has focused primarily on immigration advising and finding ways to translate the complication and nuance of federal policy into comprehensible personal impact. She stays closely attuned to regulatory updates and advocacy opportunities, and is very interested in conversations that center stories of migration and explore the concept of borders. Outside of immigration, you'll most often find Hanna talking about her dogs and cats, her garden and plants, and what's for dessert.