Use this form for STEM OPT only.

As a requirement of the STEM OPT application process, you must obtain an I-20 from Amherst College recommending your for the STEM OPT extension before you can submit your STEM OPT application to USCIS.  

Submit this form to request your STEM OPT recommendation I-20 from the OIS.  The OIS will communicate with you once your STEM OPT recommendation I-20 has been issued.

By submitting this form, you are confirming that:

  • The information submitted is true and complete, to the best of your knowledge.
  • You give permission to Amherst College to submit the information below to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services on your behalf, as part of your OPT STEM Extension application. You understand that this information, once submitted, cannot be changed.
  • You understand that submission of an OPT STEM Extension application does not constitute authorization for the requested period. 
  • You understand that you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the regulations and reporting requirements for OPT STEM Extensions and authorizations.
  • You understand that, as the OPT applicant, you are fully and solely responsible for your OPT application; the OIS is not responsible for your submission of a full and complete OPT application to the USCIS.
  • If you provide the OIS's mailing address on your I-765, you understand that all USCIS mail relating to your OPT application will be sent to the OIS, and you consent to it being automatically opened, scanned, and emailed to you upon delivery.

This form is to be used for STEM OPT only. Visit the Pre-Completion OPT or Post-Completion OPT pages for more information about those distinct application processes.

Start Date of CURRENT Post-Completion OPT Authorization: *
End Date of CURRENT Post-Completion OPT Authorization: *
STEM Extension Requested Start Date: *
(Please note that this should be the day after your current Post-Completion OPT authorization expires. Example: If your Post-Completion OPT authorization ends on January 1, 2017 then you should request a STEM Extension start date of January 2, 2017.)
STEM Extension Requested End Date: *
(Please note that this should be exactly 24 months from your requested STEM Extension Start Date. Example: If your requested start date is January 2, 2017 then your requested end date should be January 1, 2019.)
Does your employer participate in E-Verify? *
Please note that your employer is required to participate in E-Verify if you are applying for an OPT STEM Extension.
You and your STEM extension employer must complete all steps of the I-983 training plan before you can apply for the STEM extension. Please upload a copy of your signed and completed I-983 training plan here.

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