On-Campus Employment Update

Student employment at Amherst College is limited to those individuals who are physically located in the United States at the time of employment.

Due to the complexities of international tax laws and employment regulations in each country, the College will not allow students who are learning remotely and living outside the United States (regardless of citizenship) to work for the College.

Questions should be referred to the Office of Financial Aid's Student Employment Coordinator.

We know it can seem daunting, but landing your first on-campus job and taking all of the necessary steps is easier than you think.  Follow along below and, remember, you cannot receive a paycheck for on-campus work until you have completed all five steps!

1. Find a Job

On-campus positions are generally posted in Workday.

2. Request an On-Campus Employment Letter

After you have secured a position, international students must complete an On-Campus Employment Letter Request.  Be sure to provide your full name as it appears on your passport and I-20/DS-2019.

The OIS will receive your online submission and, with the help of your on-campus employer, will issue an On-Campus Employment Confirmation Letter.  An SSN packet will be compiled to help you apply for your Social Security Number. 

3. Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)

Upon completion of the above steps, the OIS will notify you via email when your SSN packet is ready for pick-up.  This SSN packet is valid for 30 days; after 30 days, you must request an updated packet from the OIS (the contents will no longer be valid with the Social Security Administration Administration). The SSN packet will include:

  • An On-Campus Employment Confirmation Letter (prepared by your on-campus employer/signed by the OIS)
  • An Official Social Security Number Application (SS-5 Form)
  • Additional instructions about the application process

For more information about SSNs and the application process, see the OIS’s Social Security Number page.

4. Complete required forms in Workday

All students working on campus must fill out a variety of wage and tax forms required by the US government forms in Workday.  Check out the Amherst College Student Employment page to learn more about these forms.

5. Begin working!

Once you have completed your initial paperwork with the Student Employment Coordinator, you may begin working.  (You do not need to wait until your Social Security Card has arrived to begin working.)

6. Report your SSN

About a month after applying for your SSN, your Social Security Card should arrive in the mail.  At this time, you should meet with the Student Employment team in the Office of Financial Aid  to add your SSN to your employment record.