Amherst College Endowment

The Amherst College endowment aims to provide perpetual support to the College in service of its mission. Over time, the endowment has played an increasingly large role in the financial model of the school, driven by the generosity of our donors, sustainable spending practices, and strong investment returns. Over the last five years, spending from the endowment each year has supported over half of the College’s operating budget. Spending from endowment funds support the mission of the school, including financial aid, faculty and staff salaries, and other programs.

The Amherst College Endowment office is responsible for managing the endowment, in collaboration with the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees.  The office is based in Boston, and is comprised of a small, tight-knit team of operators and generalist investors. We work together to drive excellent investment returns and build a productive ecosystem that we hope will benefit the College over decades. Our work includes building a portfolio of outstanding investment partners, investing in the next generation of the College's finance talent through our intern and analyst programs, and producing returns that benefit the the liberal arts, undergraduate education, and research.

The corner of Newbury Street and Hereford Street in summer, a 3-story red brick building in summer

We are always on the hunt for excellent investment partners.

If you’re an investment manager and would like to submit an investment opportunity, please complete the form below. Our office will review your submission and contact you if we’re interested in learning more.

All About the Amherst Endowment

A Conversation with Our CIO

Amherst College Reunion 2023: Letitia Johnson took over the College's endowment in 2019. It's grown by $1 billion—that's Billion, with a "B"—since then. What investments did she inherit and how has she changed the portfolio?