On-Going Projects
  1. Online Statistical College Assessment Reports (OSCAR) - OIR manages a Moodle site for senior staff and faculty serving on the CEP.  OSCAR organizes OIR reports and projects by theme in an effort to allow for a user-orientated navigation through the materials.
  2. Accreditation - OIR holds two seats on the 2012 NEASC Reaccreditation Steering Committee, and provides support through reporting and documentation.
  3. Departmental Activity Reports (DAR) - OIR distributes an annual summary of planning information to all academic departments.
  4. Consortium on Financing Higher Education lifecycle surveys (COFHE) - OIR coordinates Amherst’s participation in the Surveys of New Students, Enrolled Students, Seniors, Alumni, and Parents.
  5. Foundation and Corporate Relations - OIR consults on the assessment components of grants.
  6. Database Services - OIR works with IT to integrate disparate sources of institutional data for analysis and reporting.  
  1. Federal reports for the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).
  2. Web-traffic reporting - OIR partners with IT to report on the college’s web traffic activity.
  3. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  4. Common Data Set (CDS).
  5. College guidebooks and rankings including U.S. News and World Report.
Current Projects
  1. COACHE Faculty Survey (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
  2. Classroom experience indexing
  3. Childcare Assessment
  4. Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
  5. Registration and Add Drop Survey (RADS) 
Upcoming Projects
  1. Alumni Survey (all alumni)
  2. Dining Survey
  3. Enrolled Student Survey