The 2012 Amherst College IT Index

 Percentage of applicants to the Class of 2016 who applied online: 99

Number of applicants without an email address:  1 (out of 8461)

Percentage of Class of 2016 who are members of their class Facebook page: 79, down from 99% four years ago

Number of videoconference recruiting and information sessions (via WebEx to the Middle East) for students entering Fall 2012:  4

Student tablets registered on the campus network: iPads: 145; Kindles: 48.

Number of student tablets as a percentage of students on campus: 11.5

Faculty and staff tablets registered on the campus network: iPads: 92; Kindles; 8

Android devices (phones and tablets) registered by students: 181. Class of 2016 owns 40% of Android devices; other classes own about 20% each.

Students own nearly twice as many Macs as PCs.

Percentage of new faculty requesting Macs: 69 (30 of 44)

Percentage of courses using Moodle: 70 (excludes eReserve-only use)

Number of College-hosted WordPress blogs: 51; with 300 bloggers

Number of film titles in the college’s digital video streaming collection: 3,673, nearly triple the number from 2008.

Number of Apple TV units in classrooms (used to project from iPads): 53, up from zero one year ago.

Number of WiFi (wireless) access points: 592, up from 384 four years ago.

Total bandwidth between campus and the Internet: 500 Mbps (million bits per second), up from 145 Mbps four years ago.

Average daily number of emails received on campus: 155,000, down from 180,000 in 2008.

Percentage of email that arrives as spam: 80, down from 94% in 2008.

Number of email messages stored on our systems: 36.5 million.

Amount of storage used by email: 1.6TB, of which 80% is consumed by 8 million attachments.

Ratio of students who forward their Amherst email to another account: 4 in 10. Of those, 91% are forwarding to a Gmail account.

Percentage change in calls placed from College phones in the last four years: -30 (from 1.1 million to 773,000).

Percentage of website visits from mobile devices: 11, more than double the year before.

Percentage of mobile traffic coming from an Apple (iOS) device: 84

Number of visits to the new Amherst Mobile ( service in the first two weeks of classes: 3,472

Percentage of website visits that originate with Google: 43; with Facebook: 3.2 (that’s three point two)

Greatest number of concurrent viewers for live webcasts of athletic events: 999, during the NESCAC playoffs. Double the previous peak. Greatest number of same-day viewers: 1,558, also during the NESCAC playoffs.

Subscribers to the Amherst College YouTube channel: 329, up from 86 in 2009.

Members of the Amherst College Alumni and Friends LinkedIn group: 4,676, up from 2,315 in 2009.

Following AmherstCollege on Twitter: 3838, up from 543 in 2009.

Following Biddy Martin: 5477

The 2012 IT Index lists information about the class of 2016 (entering fall 2012), the state of the campus in September, 2012, or the previous academic year (2011-2012). 1,677 students are in residence for Fall 2012. Information was collected in mid-September.