Computers and Phones at Risk - Flaws in Computer Chips Leave All Devices Exposed

Security researchers have recently identified significant security flaws, called Meltdown and Spectre, that affect all computer processors embedded in computers, phones, and tablets. For detailed information about these flaws and how to protect your computing devices, please visit the NY Times: As described in the article, please check for software updates and apply them as they become available.

Phishing / Spear Phishing and Tax Season

The start of tax season is also the start of phishing season, as bad actors try more vigorously to steal login credentials, a key to obtaining employee W2s online. Sensitive personal data, W2 forms, and bank routing information have been compromised recently at peer institutions. We want to take a moment to remind everyone to be mindful of these risks and to be sure that login requests they receive are legitimate. Some simple rules of thumb include:

Green PCs: Saving Energy and Recycling

Computers and computing devices such as smart phones and tables impact negatively our environment in two distinct ways: in the the power they consume and in the waste they produce when we discard them. 

Adobe License Fix

If you are prompted for a login or a license key when you launch an Adobe product on a college-owned computer, you need to apply the Adobe License Fix.

VR for Real!

Student and faculty requests for support for virtual reality (VR) have increased over the last two years. Interested in finding out first-hand what VR looks – and feels – like?  Stop by the lobby of Frost Library or 112 SMudd to see a demo of VR equipment.  It’s a great opportunity to experience VR for yourself and consider its application in your academic work.  Please stop by during the dates and times listed below: 

Frost Library, 2-4pm

Pioneer Training's Excel-apalooza! - Wednesday November 8, 2017 UMass Center, Tower Square, Springfield, MA

Pioneer Training is offering Excel-apalooza -  a full day of workshops on Microsoft Excel Wednesday November 8, 2017 at the UMass Center in Tower Square in Springfield.

It’s the first time Pioneer Training is working with the UMass Center, and they are excited about using the state-of-the-art computer lab for this event. Participants will get discount parking in Tower Square for $5 for the day.

Amherst Login Page Enhancements

We are strengthening the security of our services and want to provide detailed information since some of the changes will impact the login experience to some Amherst web sites. Starting on Thursday, September 28, the familiar, purple single sign-on (SSO) web page will briefly show a white box that states “Logging you in…” immediately after each successful login. The message may flash for a second or less, is expected behavior and is not indicative of a phishing attempt. 

Below is a screen capture of what you may see for a second or less after successfull login:

Many iOS Apps will not Work on iOS 11 - Check Before You Upgrade

Apple plans to release the latest version of their OS for iPads and iPhones, iOS 11, very soon. Many mobile apps that currently run on iOS 10, known as 32-bit applications, will no longer work on iOS 11 as Apple is making a departure from that class of apps with their latest update. Before you upgrade, you can determine if you use any such apps, and you may decide not to upgrade until you find an appropriate replacement. To determine if you use 32-bit apps, open Settings, then tap General > About > Applications. If you use 32-bit apps, you will see a list of those apps.

ALERT: Beware of Phishing Attempts

Phishing attempts are increasing! Seemingly legitimate emails are arriving in many mailboxes. Don’t be fooled by messages that appear to come from members of campus and include links to log in to sites which also appear to be Amherst College websites, but in reality are not.